Poem – ” Words”

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If only your words were true,

But they are an empty shell,

Just like you,

A shell you shot at every girl in town,

Until you looked like clown,

Then you just shutdown,

Leaving nothing but shells all over the ground.






Psychological Meaning: Shells are usually a spiritual symbol because they come from the sea, which represents the vast expanses of the unconscious mind. They are also a divine feminine symbol associated with the god Venus who was born from a shell. A heavy tortoise shell may represent your desire for protection. Similarly, a delicate eggshell may symbolise your feelings of vulnerability. Finally, eggshells can represents thin-skinned egotism which, like the arrogant Humpty Dumpty, is easily smashed to pieces.

Mystical Meaning: According to some authorities on dream superstition, shells predict that something strange will happen to you. So if you wake to find you’ve been abducted by aliens or there’s a flipper where your foot was, it is probably the shell dream that’s to blame.

FROM  www.dreamsleep.net




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4 responses to “Poem – ” Words”

  1. loved the poem of “WORDS”.

    I know a few versions,
    check it out in my blog…



  2. I’m impressed! The one about the sparrow #29 (I think). Love it!

  3. Interesting…I was think more of shotgun shells rather than sea shells as I read the poem. I like it!

  4. It is funny as I wrote the poem it turned from a generic shell first line to a shotgun shell to a sea shell, who knows!

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