Meatless Tuesday – South Street Spanish Fries !

“A Pale Green Memaid Blog”



Take 2 potatoes  Slice into strips

Take a red pepper slice into strips

Take a white onion large slice into rings

Flop all into a large pan (Heat oven to 350 degrees)

Pour over all – 1 tab. oil , Louisiana hot sauce , sprinkle with vinegar, stir a bit.

into oven 20 min – 30 min  (watch can cover)

 Place in player ” Death On The Nile” DVD Agatha Christie story lots of actual shots of pyramids tombs, great cast Bette Davis, David Nevin, Mia Farrow! 


Have a glass of Port and wait, 

Take out of oven ,cover with salt and pepper and you have Spanish Fries!


And you just saved a tiny piece of the planet!


( sun-dried tomatoes optional)




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