Gallery Chat Special – A Walk Through King Tut’s Tomb With Howard Carter / Quatro

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The sealed door discovered in the back wall of the antechamber was opened, cluttered and haphazardly stacked treasure filled the room,

This was a room held many of King Tutankhamun’s ushabti’s,below is one example,

A Ushabti figure

Tutankhamun’s tomb contained 413 Ushabti figures, intended to represent the king and to help him with certain duties in the afterlife. Some are very simple, but others, such as the one here, were carved from wood and are portraits of the king.

The figure is shown as a wrapped mummy wearing a gilded crown and holding the royal emblems, the Crook and the Flail.

By Robert Partridge – from ancient history in depth BBC


Another sealed door was discovered in the antechamber, it lead to…

To be continued…



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