Gallery Chat Special – A Walk Through King Tut’s Tomb With Howard Carter / Uno

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To celebrate the SNOW, PGM is presenting a series that will recreate Howard Carter’s walk through the first days of discovery and opening of King Tut’s tomb in Egypt…

it started with a seal –



This was all that lay between Tutankhamun’s treasures and the outside world.

The seal was stamped with the necropolis seal, consisting of a jackal over nine bound captives.  See detail below,

 The necropolis Seal with a Jackel (Anibus) at the top and nine, bound captives below.












Once the seal was broken they entered the Tomb releasing air that was 3,000 years old.




To be continued…


Note:   Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt  The British Museum, London, England    The Metreopolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA


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