Weekly Gallery Chat – Charles Renee Mackintosh – Watercolors

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Charles Renee Mackintosh created stylized ethereal eastern flavored watercolors and was part of the  symbolist movement as well as being heavily influenced by the arts and crafts movement.  His work also included sculptures, furniture and ceramics.

He was an architect whose designs reflected the art nouveau tenets of fluidity and organic gracefulness.


Here is an example,


See how massive the stone is depicted yet it has an other worldly essence captured as well.

here’s another,

You can see the stylized basis of his forms in this painting and the art nouveau influences.


Look how the methods he uses in his painting bleed into his architectural endeavors – beautiful lines…


Have a great night!


Charles Rennie Mackintosh (June 7, 1868 – December 10, 1928) was a Scottish architect, designer, and watercolourist. He was a designer in the Arts and Crafts movement and also the main exponent of  Art Nouveau in the United Kingdom. He had a considerable influence on European design.                       FROM WIKIPEDIA

Images from Google

ERROR update   Wait a minute that second painting was a Schiele (Egon that is) or Gustave Klimt, I will have to do some research… So now the second painting is a MACKINTOSH!!

I hold those three artists in my mind as three of my all time favorites and in a class alone so I do interchange them while thinking!!!


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