Poem – “Half Baked Pies “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “




Half -baked pies, half-baked pies,

I was offered a half-baked pie,

Flaky and warm on one side, gooey and cold on the other,

Half- baked pies, half-baked emotions,


Cherry,Pear, Apple, Persimmon!

No matter what the flavor…it is still a half-baked pie!

I looked as others gobbled them down,

Ending up with a  lifelong  frown,


no, no, no…not me,

I’ll take crumpets and TEA!


( Half-baked romance, half-baked dance) 


Thanks to my greatest influence Dr Seuss’ ” GREEN EGGS AND HAM”


Green Eggs and Ham  





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2 responses to “Poem – “Half Baked Pies “

  1. Enjoyed this poem very much and in particular the levels of meaning in it. Thanks for the smiles!

  2. Hi, Thanks so much! reading it again makes hungry!

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