Why Not Create An International First Response Team For Future Catastrophic Disasters?

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As we head into a period of natural disasters perhaps a re-thinking about to get the initial supplies to people needs to be evaluated.

Water, food, blankets, and basic medical supplies… how can these things be delivered to the victims while the governments logistically plan  long-term help.

Possibly a team that uses helicopters and starts immediately dropping these items to onspot victims.


Maybe a person or organization can start giving monetary prizes to anyone that can create –

( to jumpstart the creation of these items)

cheap easy temp housing kits that can be dropped into disaster area-

purifying water kits that are easy to use-

A food kit that will tide the victims over until help comes in a an organized way-

Also along with bringing in food, give out micro-loans to the population so they can re-establish the food and agricultural systems and feed their own people thereby creating jobs, infusing money immediately into the economy and quickly allowing the victims to become self-sufficient again.


Something to think about.



 UPDATE      Sat. Jan 16 2009 –

Secretary of Defense Gates said yesterday that the Pentagon decided not to do helicopter drops for the people of Haiti in the early hours of the crisis because of the CHANCE that there would be a riot.


I respectfully and adamantly disagree with that decision, act on facts on the ground not imagined responses, drop the supplies and IF there are riots THEN re-evaluate the procedure.

That is why we need an international first response team  with a variety of organizations constituting management.  Relief experts, logistical experts, people familiar with the customs of the countries – not the military making this kind of decision.


leaflets could be dropped prior stating the procedures for distribution and drop off areas

People of other countries are as smart and civilized as we are here in the United States, it is foolish to think otherwise .











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