Dollar Store Tip

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There are real bargains again at the dollar store!  As the economy goes up so do the riches at the dollar stores. 

Haute Couture is to be had, Liz Claiborne!

All wool tweed  jacket, lined in mint condition – ONE DOLLAR ! My little treasure, also saw Jones of New York-  Gap among others, sweaters, jackets, shirts-

Take a look they are called vintage my friends and you are not going to get them any cheaper…unless Aunt Bertha lets you look over her closet before she dies.

Good luck bargain hunting!

From Google Images



I found the jacket at The Dollar Tree Chain, but check your local dollar store.

See my categories  section to get advice on dollar store etiquette ( related posts!)

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  1. Random thought, but I’m a huge fan of vintage clothing, mainly b/c it is just flat out unique! Anyway, keep up the stellar work. I loved the post!

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