Friday (Sometimes Saturday) Gallery Chat – Margaret Bourke White /Photographer

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Good Evening!

Margaret Bourke White was a photographer in the 30’s to 40’s she is well-known for her WW2 photographs, being one of the few female war correspondents. What I want to talk about is the quality of her photographs and the general demise of high quality photography.

When you look at a photograph, what gives it magnitude and presence is its capability to capture a moment in time.  The subject matter is important but the texture and depth of the print itself are equally important.

When you look at a silver halide photograph notice the grey shadows in the white  accents of the print and the textures in the blacks of the image, in-between are a thousand other layers and patterns of white and grey.

Look at the image below from Ms. Bourke White’s work,

Margaret Bourke-White, Portrait of Sharecropper and Wife

The textures in the darkest black  and the whitest highlight is what makes photography an almost mystical experience, A multilayered moment caught on film.

Here is another image,

These images are just phenomenal in both the cropping ( what a photographer decides will be the edge s of the photograph) and the printing .

These subtle nuances that are lost in digital photography are the same ones that are lost in compressed music.  Homogenization of the world around us is an ever present danger.

Viewing photographs in person by going to a museum will afford an even clearer idea of what I am speaking about.


Have a great weekend and drop by your local museum if you have time!     images from art net


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