Wednesday Night Flash Story(How many more pickles must I stuff into this jar before I can leave for the day, Harry?) For The Workers Of The World

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”


(Serial Flash Story Part 5)




” Take that trail, there to the left, it should lead to the ridge above the valley.”  Artell said.  The persistent flutter  of helicopter propellers could be heard pounding through the clouds.

” Sandra you dropped your flashlight.”

Sandra started looking through the vines covering the forest floor.

” Get going, Sandra, or we’ll never….”

” shhh… listen,” said Sandra.  ” The helicopters are getting closer.”

” More reasons to keep moving.”  Artell was several yards ahead and quickly climbing the hill.

Sandra cocked her head.  She gazed back to the edge of the forest.  A steady vibration of air racked the trees. 

” I’d know that noise anywhere after two tours in Vietnam.  Troops are being deployed,” Sandra said.  ” The military are here.”

” If we move fast and low, we should be able to make it up that hill. ”  Artell pulled on Sandra’s backpack nearly knocking her down.  ” The only way out is up, Sandra.  Time to tango.”

Adrenaline made the hike up the mountainside feel like a fifty- yard dash.  Bloodied and bruised from the underbrush, they reached the crest of the ridge.  The sight was enmeshed in fractured light.  There were eight ships.  Some were on the ground, some were maneuvering above the ground, one had crashed.  The nose of the ship was stuck in the mud.  Sandra searched the area behind them.  She could see nothing, but heard the click of safety releases on weapons, and the dull hum of sight locators mixed with muffled orders.


To be continued…


Image from Goggle


synchronistic coincidence?  On ABC  a show premiered about UFO’s using the same term as I am using in my story  for the aliens (the visitors)…as an FYI this story is several years old so it seems to be a synchronistic coincidence although, Carl Jung says there are no coincidences.. hopefully it portends nothing..

By the by this story is inspired by an actual sighting of an actual UFO, in 1973, by me – and  I’m not talking about no dot of light… it was a bona fide saucer, a flat disc with a cap on top , red and green lights moving around the cap – well …some of us are lucky and some of us are not … that is my only explanation!  I will detail the specifics at the end of flash story…( I actually worked for MUFON for a short time gathering other accounts)


And yes I did work in a pickle factory for about one week…too cold- that’s right, I have a very… how shall I say this? checkered career, but somebody’s gotta be the one… I wear the moniker with pride!



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