Wednesday Flash Story (Time For Another Latte Break, Jerry) For The Workers Of The World

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(Serial Flash story, Part 4)




” No Way ,”  Artell whispered, ” this is what we came here for.” 

The figures hadn’t noticed the jeep yet.

Artell watched as they drifted around the forest in concentric patterns, releasing beams of light that emanated from their hands then entered their foreheads.

” Artell.  Backup, before they notice this truck.  It is too dangerous to stay here.”

Artell jammed the jeep into gear searching for reverse.  ” you’re right, we need film of their ships.” She pushed the clutch in and slowly backed up.

” Watch it! ”  Sandra said in a hoarse whisper.  The jeep slammed into a tree making a large  crunching noise. They both stopped breathing.

The figures continued to mingle and fly around the forest.  ” They must be in some sort of trance, otherwise we would both be on a laboratory table by now,” Artell said. 

” Cripes, why did I ever come with you.”  Sandra searched her tool box for something she could use for defense.

” You watch, and I’ll back it up again.”  Artell carefully repositioned the truck, and hit reverse again.  Sandra with pick axe  in hand, was mesmerized by the scene before her.  She counted forty- five of the small creatures.  The beams they released were in various  colors and intensities.

The jeep burst into daylight.

“I’ll head down Bear Tavern road, then we can hike up and avoid any further encounters.  ”  There was no time for Artell to digest what she had seen.  She must retain her focus if they were to survive. 

It took fifteen minutes to reach the base of the mountain.  Artell parked the jeep in a bed of brush with the roof peeking out above a mound of cattails.  She popped the trunk, reached for her camera and seized a handful of film.  Sandra sorted through her tool box adding the flash light to her pick axe, which she jammed into her Dutch military pouch.  Their eyes met for a split second.  With faint smiles they began trampling toward the thick of the forest.


To be continued…


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