Mid Week Flash Story (How Much Longer Must I Wait For Friday To Arrive! oops…The Aliens Tried To Suppress My Story…)For The Workers Of The World.

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


(Serial Flash Story Part 3)




” This is different.  Weird. I think you could be right.”

Sandra took off her gloves.  ” Damn it’s hot,” she glanced at her watch, ” and it’s only seven thirty.  Where are you headed Artell? “

” I have a plan. ” Artell  dropped the fragment against the ground, watching as it spread flat then snapped back to its original shape.  ” Since we have visitors, so close by, I want a record of it – up close and real – a record of exactly what is happening behind that mountain range.”

” Didn’t you hear the warning given over the net? You could go to jail. That area  is crawling with black suits.”

” I know, but once an investigative reporter, well you know… Want to come?  You can be the look out… my backup.”

Sandra gathered up her tools, many of them were old archaeological implements used in well-known digs.  She had been collecting them for twenty years. The hammer she held was the same one Howard Carter used to chip away the plaster seal in the antechamber of Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt.  Sandra rubbed the edge of the hammer, then said.

“Your car or mine?”

Artell jumped into the jeep and cleared off the seat next to her.  ” We’d better take mine since who knows what kind of terrain we will be travelling on.”   Sandra grabbed her toolbox and hopped into the passenger seat  as the back wheels spit out stones.

It was a thirty minute ride up to the spot Artell had in mind, plenty of trees for cover and an open view of the valley behind the mountains.  She looked at her watch. It was five after eight.  A stand of pine trees guarded the perimeter of the forest.  They proceeded down the dirt trail.

Cool air flowed through the windows of the jeep producing goosebumps and a thin-film of steam on the window.  Artell put her headlights on.  Sandra hung her head out the window to catch the misty breeze.

“Get the video up and running, Artell, there is something up ahead,”  Sandra whispered as branches brushed her arm,  “Holy schmoley, get down.”

Artell reduced her speed taking care not to get stuck in the road which was half mud and half rocks.  She saw small figures crisscrossing amongst the trees.

” What the…”?   The dimly lit area made it hard to see anything, but gradually Artell glimpsed figures between two and four feet high.

” Let’s get out of here.”  Sandra murmured whipping her head back into the jeep.


To be continued…





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