Friday Night Gallery Chat / Video Art

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Good Evening on this cold rainy day,

Tonight something different-

Below are 2 video artists.

(Video art is named after the video tape, which was most commonly used in the form’s early years, but before that artists had already been working on film, and with changes in technology Hard Disk, CD-ROM, DVD, and solid state are superseding the video tape as the carrier. Despite obvious parallels and relationships, video art is not film.  FROM WIKIPEDIA)


Look at the images and think about what they are trying to say…although it is just a section of the video one can still get a sense of the focus… then next Friday we will discuss the meaning that the artist was trying to convey.

 Here they are, have a cricket trapped in your house free night…grrrrr…!


Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik

Bill Viola

Another Bill Viola



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