Wednesday Night (Is It Friday Night Yet?? ) Flash Story For The Workers Of The World

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Serial Flash Story




Artell decided she would take a spin on the highway, then exit off onto the gravel road that leads east, it was the direction she last saw the ships as they disappeared behind a range of mountains.

Artell checked her video as she drove, balancing the camera film and the edge of the steering wheel simultaneously- a trick she picked up during ten years of journalistic endeavors.  The gravel road was up ahead. Dust filled her nostrils as the wheels of the jeep gyrated over the loose stones.

Catching Artell’s eye on the side of the road was someone or something.  All she could se was a grey lump hunched over a pile of rocks which had fallen in a rock slide last year.  The vehicle was a half a mile from the object.  Artell placed the Buena Vista Social Club into her cassette player.  Cuban music percolated out of the jeep cajoling her fears into abeyance.  As the jeep approached the form it  sprouted up to six feet and turned towards her.

“Sandra,” Artell shouted and waved out the side of the jeep.

Sandra’s green eyes darted in the direction of the approaching vehicle as she layered some rocks into her tool box.

” Where are you headed in such a rush?”  Sandra said brushing off the red dust covering her overalls.  “You nearly cleaned my clock with that claptrap car of yours.”

” Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Sandra…anyway, what the hell are you doing crouching in the middle of the road?”   Artell slammed the jeep door kicking up even further the cloud of dust produced by her expedient braking. 

” Don’t tell me that you have discovered Nefertiti’s final resting place here in N.Y. ”  Artel bent down.

” Well if you really want to know, I found a piece of dead alien, or maybe a fragment of one of those ships.- look.”  Artell reached for Sandra’s hand.

” Wait, put these on first.”

Artell slipped on the yellow work gloves and knelt gingerly beside Sandra and the pile of silver rocks.  Sandra raised her gloved hand and opened it releasing the object into the air.  It glinted in the light as it bounced a few times off Artell’s glove then nestled into her palm.

It was curved.  Around the edge were hieroglyphs  not recognizable to her.   Artell held it with her other hand and pulled. It stretched then resumed its shape.


To be continued…


 FROM Google Images


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