Iraq And Afghanistan Soldier’s Poetry / Art Slam, Session 31

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Good evening,

Even soldiers gotta take a break and have some fun,

The five soldiers are shown jumping, shimmying and stamping to The Cha Cha Slide, the 1996 dance track by DJ Casper that has become a school disco and wedding favourite.

Dressed in tight green T-shirts and khaki trousers, the men carry out their routine in what appears to be a military workshop.

 Three of the marines perform moves called out in the song’s lyrics – including “slide to the left, slide to the right, criss-cross” – while carrying on with their work around the table. They are joined for the final few moves by two other soldiers.

The men involved in the clip have not been identified and it is not clear whether they were serving in a war zone when it was shot.

Titled Cha Cha Slide USMC Style, the video was posted on the MySpaceTV website last week with the caption “Fun is contagious!”. It has already been viewed almost 400,000 times.

The soldiers have won an army of online fans impressed with their dance moves, humour and physiques.

“That’s totally awesome. Good to see that even though they are serving our country they can still have some fun,” wrote one commenter.

A teen-age boy added: “Hey I’m going to be a marine when I’m older and this video wants me to go even more.”

The video has also gone down well on US blogs. “This video is oddly entertaining and entrancing. If they’re taking requests, I’d like to see the Macarena next,” joked the Celebutopia website.

By Matthew Moore
Published: 9:53PM GMT 14 Nov 2008


This may be old news to alot of you but it is new to me!

Looks like we need a dance competition for returning soldiers!


Have a great evening!

See you next Saturday,

Please send any thoughts or ideas to and I will post or use comments area, thanks, Iraq Veterans Against The War Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Veterans for Peace


 This Slam will continue until all our soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

 BJ Halliday Crawley     Editor



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