Congratulations to President Obama, Hippie Jedi oops…Shhhhh – Knight!

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President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace prize and I can not think of anyone else who has done more in the last 9 months to promote peace. Kudos!

He has started the process to resolve  several issues left by the prior president,



Closing Guantanamo – essentially dungeons

Opening dialog to the “Axis of Evil”  N. Korea, Iran, – Iraq

Presenting America as a country that wants to talk not fight with the rest of the world

Taking the first steps to stabelize the economy  using a bubble up, “we the people “focus –

to name a few achievements..


I had a dream,when Mr. Obama was a mere face in a sea of presidential hopefuls.  In the dream he was walking down a street with a few people walking with him on the sides of the road.  I was standing on the side watching.  He turned around and looked me straight in the eyes and said “Barbara, are you coming?”

There is a possibility for world peace now at this time, in this moment – anyone who is alert and watching can see the opportunities that hang out there waiting for us to grasp.  Opportunities created by the war famine and economic devastation created by the last administration, people are ready to take that chance, go that extra mile, to create peace in our life times.

 So if you are ready – follow Obama and all of us into the river of rainbows that lay ahead.


Everyday we make small choices  for peace or war – to help the earth or hinder it, take a stand and make that choice to work for something larger than yourself , to work for the greater good – as President Obama does everyday.





Barack Obama
Portrait of Barack Obama

Assumed office 
January 20, 2009  

OFFICIAL HIPPIE JEDI KNIGHT, Shhhhh….  Institute for Peace


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