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Hello workers! Today I will be starting a serial – episodic – flash story, another words  a story that unfolds in a serial fashion as ” The Shadow” did in the 1940’s radio show.


Presenting… ” Black “


 The sun shone hard over the horizon.  Its shape was egglike and puffy.  I pulled on my green rubber boots and decided to head south to avoid the network of triangular shaped UFOs that had landed in the fields north of my estate.  There were about forty of them, during the night, flying in perfect formations that sent a red glow over the landscape.

Sweat careened down my spine.  It was ninety-five degrees, yet only slightly past seven in the morning.  I grabbed my binoculars, compass, sunglasses and video.  Cutting through the marshes and swamps I could probably avoid encountering them until I was ready to start filming.

What a week this had been.  Between Neil breaking his arm, the water pump burning out and my editor returning a recently submitted manuscript covered with edit marks – I was ready to embark on one of those UFOs and head to Neptune myself.

The sightings had become quite common in New York.  My farm was fifty miles from the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania separated by a thin ribbon of water, the Delaware river.  No contact had been reported between the government and the ‘visitors” as the press was referring to them in print.    The tabloids were having a field day.  One of their usually less than credible stories had actually come true.  No one knew where they came from or their intentions.

Maybe it was an interstellar fly over a huge beautiful overwhelming display of their best bag of technical wizardry.  At least that was the theory I clung to. 

Now  where was my … oh, there it is.  Time to move while the heat is still bearable but not yet oppressive.  Pools of condensation formed in my boots, trickling around toes that grasped orange flip-flops.

” You’d better get going, Artell, if you expect to make it back before Sara and Peter arrive,” Neil said as he poured himself some cold coffee from last night’s party.  ” You know they’ll be disappointed if you are not here when they arrive, and for heaven’s sake be careful.”

” Don’t worry, I’ll be back before noon – if everything goes as planned.”

Artell loaded the items in her backpack  and walked to the purple jeep, which they had bought at a sale of military surplus.  Of course, it wasn’t purple when they bought the jeep, Artell’s niece, Sara, had begun painting a purple dragon on it one day and they just continued the process to its natural conclusion.  She started up the engine  expecting the usual sputtering and lurching, but to her surprise – it was smooth. Giving Neil the thumbs up, she drove off down the mile long driveway which streched  to a dirt road and then the super highway.


To be continued…



Serials in television and radio are series that rely on a continuing plot that unfolds in a serial fashion, episode by episode. Serials typically follow main story arcs that span entire seasons or even the full run of the series, which distinguishes them from traditional episodic television that relies on more stand-alone episodes.   From Wikipedia

The Shadow
Shadow Death From Nowhere.jpg

“Who knows what evil lurks…?”
The Shadow as depicted on the cover of the July 15, 1939 issue of The Shadow Magazine. The story, “Death From Nowhere,” was one of the magazine plots adapted for the legendary radio drama.

Publication information
Publisher Street & Smith
Condé Nast
First appearance Detective Story Hour
(July 31, 1930)[1] (radio)
The Living Shadow
(April 1, 1931)[1] (print)
Created by Walter B. Gibson
In-story information
Alter ego Kent Allard (print)
Lamont Cranston (radio and film)
Notable aliases Lamont Cranston (print)
Abilities Skilled marksman and martial artist. Master of disguise and stealth. (print)
Able to make himself nearly invisible to the naked eye, can alter and control a person’s thoughts and perceptions. (radio)

From Wikipedia


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