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Wednesday Night ( It’s Almost Friday!) Flash Story For The Workers Of The World / ” Trudging Through Life “

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I could feel a slight tingling at  first, then warmth near my shoulder blades, and before you could say “holy cow ” something ebbed through my skin.  There was no pain – merely a feeling of suppressed wonder and awe.  The growth stopped for a moment, then resumed its intensity.  I craned my neck hoping for a glimpse of my new appendage.  It grew and expanded, thrusting  both up and down from its starting point in the middle of my back.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see the color was red and it was textured.  There was a slight fluttering quality to the shapes I saw.  In an instant I felt a soft pressure on the heels of my feet.  Looking down I realized there were feathers in every hue of red imaginable.  My eyes slid up the shapes surrounding my calves.  A  huge suction of wind passed up through my legs, over my back and I was swept up into the  sunset hanging above my head. 

Airborne I was dazed and dazzled for more than a few minutes.   I took a deep breath.  A feeling of excitement washed over every molecule in my body as the realization came to me that I was now the proud owner of a new set of crimson colored wings. 


The End


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