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Iraq And Afghanistan Soldier’s Poetry / Art Slam – Session 27

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Good Evening, a poem about losing your friends,


The Grand Haven News  August 20, 1868



Feelingly inscribed to those who mourn the loss of friends.


When Mary came to view the grave,

Where they had laid her Lord to rest,

How surged the deep restless wave

Of sorrow, o’er that mourner’s breast!

But Mary saw, through tears and gloom,

“An Angel, sitting by the tomb!”


So, when beside the grassy mound.

We kneel to pray, or sit to weep—

Unheeding all the world around—

And caring nought, except to keep

Fond mem’ry’s flowers in freshest bloom!

“An Angel sits beside the tomb!”


And though the winds of autumn moan

Above the place of their repose—

Although they seem to sleep, alone,

Beneath the cold and drifting snows;

In storm or sunshine—joy or gloom:

“An angel sits beside the tomb!”


Sweet friends!  Sleep on!  No grief, no care,

No tears, no pain can reach your bourn:

Sleep on, till Gabriel shall declare

The glorious Resurrection morn.

Then, clothed in youth’s immortal bloom,

Come forth, victorious o’er the tomb!


God is our “REFUGE,” here below—

Our “HELP,” when dangers ‘round us stand—

And every sorrow that we know,

Is but the shadow of his hand:

This faith in Him lights up the gloom,

And smooths our pathway to the tomb.



Honor guards from the United States Armed Forces.

Image from Wikipedia


Poem from www.sandhillcity.com  


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www.ivaw.org Iraq Veterans Against The War

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 This Slam will continue until all our soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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