Iraq and Afghanistan Soldier’s Poetry Slam / Session 26

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Good evening,   A Poem,


I have a story to tell you
A story of men bold and brave
Who have fought, some have died, for their Country
With a brightly burning plane for their grave.

On an island we called Honshu
With the broad blue Pacific all around
We set up our tents and our shelters
And dug holes for our safety in the ground.

At night when day fighters are sleeping
And we call Hacksaw for a fix
The Heavens are filled with our thunder
And the roar of our Baker-26.

On a cold moonless night in December
The order was read with a sigh
And a happy-go-lucky young pilot
Took his plane and his crew out to die.

They went with a smile all unknowing
‘Twas only a Korean patrol
Too bad that their duty included
Their answering GOD’s Final Roll.

Moonshine gave them their vector
Surveillance to the Yalu and back.
They say the last words they transmitted
“We wish we were back in our sacks.”

One hour stretched out into seven.
It was no time to jest or to grin.
We knew as we waited and listened
Another Night Intruder had augured in.

There was no one to see and report it.
No help from a searching patrol
Just three names written off the Roster
Who will no longer answer the roll.

So lift up your glasses my buddies
In honor of those who fought their fight.
The sleep you enjoy out of danger
Is because of the boys who fly at night.


— Author Unknown

FROM  (Poetry from Korean War) , Image from Wikipedia


See you next Saturday,

Please send any thoughts or ideas to and I will post or use comments area, thanks, Iraq Veterans Against The War Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Veterans for Peace


 This Slam will continue until all our soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

 BJ Halliday Crawley     Editor


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