In Whose Name And For What Purpose? Torture Will Be Revisited By Obama Administration

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Attorney General Eric Holder has announced the creation of a preliminary investigation into actions taken by the CIA while interrogating prisoners.  John Durham will be appointed special prosecutor.  A series of reports/reviews on the question of torture during the Bush administration held back from public access, some for five years, were released today.

 In those reports were treatments of prisoners described below,

 Using a gun and a drill to threaten prisoners,

Telling a prisoner that his mother would be sexually abused if he did not cooperate,

A prisoner was told that his children would be killed if he did not cooperate.

A panel will bet set up as well to review in depth how much information was produced by these techniques and how valuable that information was.


If you feel as I do, that the main questions of  in whose name and for what purpose– still need to be answered when it comes to the question of  torture during the Bush administration, then email or write Attorney General Eric Holder and let him know you support his actions.


Peace      Department of Justice Website

Note: For more information see Huffington Post Article, ” Holder To Appoint Special Prosecutor To Investigate CIA Interrogators and Contractors”


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