Iraq And Afghanistan Soldier’s Poetry / Art Slam, Session 23

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Good Afternoon -Let’s talk food, we have all read about the rations provided for troops today, below is an estimation of what soldiers in the WW1 trenches received ,

Food for soldiers in the trenches during World War One was at times considered a luxury. Getting decent hot food from the field kitchens to the front line trenches could be impossible when a battle was either imminent or in full flow. When soldiers were at stand-down, food was easier to acquire and both British and German troops could expect certain food to be available with a degree of frequency.

The theoretical daily rations for a British soldier were:

20 ounces of bread

1/10 gill lime if vegetables not issued

16 ounces of flour instead of above

½ gill of rum

3 ounces of cheese

maximum of 20 ounces of tobacco

5/8 ounces of tea

1/3 chocolate – optional

4 ounces of jam

4 ounces of oatmeal instead of bread

½ ounce of salt

1 pint of porter instead of rum

1/36 ounce of pepper

4 ounces of dried fruit instead of jam

1/20 ounce of mustard

4 ounces of butter/margarine

8 ounces of fresh vegetables or

2 ounces of dried vegetables

The theoretical daily rations for a German soldier were:

26 ½ ounces of bread or


17 ½ of field biscuits or


14 ounces of egg biscuit


53 ounces of potatoes


4 ½ ounces vegetables


2 ounces dried vegetables



Hmmm the Brits seemed to have it a bit better…

If you have any stories about your food experiences  in Iraq or Afghanistan drop a comment!


See you next Saturday,

Please send any thoughts or ideas to and I will post or use comments area, thanks, Iraq Veterans Against The War Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Veterans for Peace


 This Slam will continue until all our soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

 BJ Halliday Crawley     Editor



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