Dylan Stopped By Police for Walking – Big Brother Is Here And It Is Us!!

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Bob Dylan stopped for WALKING (see Below), Professor Gates stopped for trying to get into his OWN HOUSE -what do these two incidents have in common ?

Someone in the general public deemed both people, minding their own business – living their lives, as suspicious and the callers were scared enough,to take the step of calling police,

Why is the general public so scared of one another?

Is it the abundance of cell phones ready in the pocket to use?


Everyone needs to take a deep breath and next time you see someone, and you are worried-

go up and talk to them.. that is what Andy,  of Mayberry would do! (see below)

We as a society, need to forget the Bush days where we were told to watch people,  be ever on alert and instead relax and use commonsense and friendliness to handle our lives.




Bob Dylan Stopped By Cops Who Never Heard Of Him

By Frank James

Henry Louis Gates Jr. take note. Even Bob Dylan can get queried by cops like a man who’s up to no good.

Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan in 2006. (Jeff Christensen / AP Photo)

One of the most famous musicians and songwriters of all time happened to be in Long Branch, N.J., a stop on a tour he’s doing with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp.

He was ambling down a residential street, like a rolling stone perhaps, just checking out the houses and trying to pass the time before the show, when someone dropped a dime on him, saying he looked shady.

A police officer arrived on the scene. A cop who didn’t know Bob Dylan from Dylan Thomas.

Associated Press reporter Wayne Parry has a classic lead on his story about the incident:

Rock legend Bob Dylan was treated like a complete unknown by police in a New Jersey shore community when a resident called to report someone wandering around the neighborhood.

You can’t top a lead like that. Of course it probably would be lost on the cop who stopped Dylan

Another excerpt from the AP story:

A 24-year-old police officer apparently was unaware of who Dylan is and asked him for identification, Long Branch business administrator Howard Woolley said Friday.

“I don’t think she was familiar with his entire body of work,” Woolley said.

The incident began at 5 p.m. when a resident said a man was wandering around a low-income, predominantly minority neighborhood several blocks from the oceanfront looking at houses.

The police officer drove up to Dylan, who was wearing a blue jacket, and asked him his name. According to Woolley, the following exchange ensued:

“What is your name, sir?” the officer asked.

“Bob Dylan,” Dylan said.

“OK, what are you doing here?” the officer asked.

“I’m on tour,” the singer replied.

A second officer, also in his 20s, responded to assist the first officer. He, too, apparently was unfamiliar with Dylan, Woolley said.

The officers asked Dylan for identification. The singer of such classics as “Like a Rolling Stone” and “Blowin’ in the Wind” said that he didn’t have any ID with him, that he was just walking around looking at houses to pass some time before that night’s show.

Dylan cooperated with the officers, who took him back to the resort where he was staying and performing, and the staff confirmed he was who he said.

Parry ends his story with another great Dylanesque riff:

How did it feel? A Dylan publicist did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment Friday.

First, you have to give Dylan credit. Here’s one of the wealthy gods of the music and entertainment world and before a show he’s walking through a low-income, minority neighborhood, apparently just checking it out. He could’ve done a tour from the back seat of a limo.

But there he was on foot, walking a neighborhood the cops probably don’t even travel by foot. It just adds to his legend, if you ask me.


Barney, Andy, Aunt Bee, and Opie in “The Pickle Story”

The series’ plot revolves around Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and his life in sleepy, slow-paced fictional Mayberry, North Carolina. Sheriff Taylor’s level-headed approach to law enforcement makes him the scourge of local moonshiners and out-of-town criminals, while his abilities to settle community problems with common-sense advice, mediation and conciliation make him popular with his fellow citizens.

His professional life, however, is complicated by the gaffes of his overzealous and comically inept deputy, Barney Fife (Don Knotts). Andy socializes with male friends in the main street barbershop and dates various ladies until a schoolteacher becomes his steady interest in the third season. At home, Andy enjoys fishing trips with his son, Opie (Ronny Howard), and quiet evenings on the front porch with his maiden aunt and housekeeper, Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier). Opie tests his father’s parenting skills season after season and Aunt Bee’s ill-considered romances and adventures cause her nephew concern.

Andy’s friends and neighbors include barber Floyd Lawson (Howard McNear), service station attendants and cousins Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) and Goober Pyle (George Lindsey), and local drunkard Otis Campbell (Hal Smith). On the distaff side, townswoman Clara Edwards (Hope Summers), Barney’s sweetheart Thelma Lou (Betty Lynn) and Andy’s schoolteacher sweetheart Helen Crump (Aneta Corsaut) become semi-regulars. Elinor Donahue made twelve appearances as Andy’s girlfriend in the first season. In the color seasons, County Clerk Howard Sprague (Jack Dodson) and handyman Emmett Clark (Paul Hartman) appeared regularly, while Barney’s replacement deputy Warren Ferguson (Jack Burns) appeared in the sixth season. Unseen characters such as telephone operator Sarah, and Barney’s love interest, local diner waitress Juanita, are often referenced. In the series’ last few episodes, farmer Sam Jones (Ken Berry) debuts, and later becomes the star of the show’s sequel.



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