I Call My New Computer Chair “The Iron Maiden”

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog Adventure”


I  rushed home with my brand new computer chair

I pushed the box into my civic avoiding the odd looks and a funny stare

A bargain a bargain $49.95 for a faux leather chair -extraordinaire!

I unpacked, it was all in pieces!  but on hand I had a bag of  peanut reese’s,

I toiled, I sweat, I snapped the parts into place and cajoled the rest,


there it was shining in the glow of my supersaver 25 watt bulb.

My spa in a chair, my place to stare, my faux leather chair -extraordinaire!

I kerplunked down, a twinge went up my back…

Something’s wrong, something’s amiss!

before I knew it I had plopped on the floor with a hiss,

I tried to seat myself again,

it was not too long after I picked  myself off the floor,

that’s when I knew what I was headed for,

endless days of fighting with a chair,

I push back, it pushes forward, I push back, it pushes forward …oh my faux leather chair -extraordinaire.


Image from Wikipedia

note: An iron maiden (German Eiserne Jungfrau) is a torture device



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