Town Hall Meetings And The Election Of George Bush in 2000, DeJa Vu?

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The furor that is taking place at town hall meetings reminds me of the same” fake” furor that took place during the attempt to recount the votes in Florida for the 2000 Presidential election race between Al Gore and George Bush.  If you remember the election pivoted on the winner of the state of Florida.


There was a recount taking place and as  the public watched on TV, it appeared that citizens were so upset that they tried to barge their way in on workers to stop the recount.  I myself remember watching that scene and was worried about the turn of events.  Not too long after Al Gore ceded the election to Mr. Bush citing (paraphrasing) that it was  best to keep the nation strong and calm people down.

Later it was discovered that the “citizens” were actually office workers from the republican congressional offices ( the so called brooks brothers brigade mentioned by the spokesperson for the president, Mr. Robert Gibbs, recently).

I remember thinking, that smoke screen of false images created an atmosphere that the nation and Al Gore responded to, a response of reaching for the greater good -that perhaps the recount was too much for the stability of the political process.

Regrettably, I think that the same thing is happening again only with a twist, this time the citizens are  merely ill informed and encouraged to stop the town hall meetings which will then (they think) stop the implementation of President Obama’s Health care plan.

If the opponents have valid complaints about the plan why not come to the meetings and express those concerns and hear your representatives response, that afterall is the purpose of town hall meeting – to have your say.

Perhaps the concerns are not open to discussion, because they could easily be explained away.

No, the point of these scenes is to create a false atmosphere as in 2000, that it is impossible to discuss the issue (healthcare) let alone inplement it. 

This type of political action also reminds me of the time period when no one could speak against President Bush’s war plans without receiving death threats.  As reported in the NY times a number of union  members who have come out to support President Obama’s plan have been receiving death threats.

The issue is different, but the tactics are the same, they are…  dare I say UN-AMERICAN and try to destroy our political process that includes free speech as a cornerstone to this democracy. 

So, stop.. listen… what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down…

talk to your opponents discuss the issues then make up your own mind.




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2 responses to “Town Hall Meetings And The Election Of George Bush in 2000, DeJa Vu?

  1. dhydar

    Here’s the interesting thing – I don;t remember seeing much in the way of proof of the “Brooks Brothers Brigade” narrative in Florida; people just started asserting that they were all “operatives”.

  2. Hi, I remember reading about it in the NY times much later after the incident happened, I am going to look for that article and post it ! Thanks for checking the site out!

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