Richard Holbrooke’s Assessment Of Bush’s Policy Of Eradication Of Poppy Crops In Afghanistan

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Over the last years of  President Bush’s tenure a policy of eradication of the  heroin producing poppy crop in Afghanistan was employed through the technique of spraying chemicals over farms with poppy crops.

Millions of dollars were wasted because the percentage of crops destroyed had no effect on the Taliban and related Al Qaeda groups who were still  able to make all the money they needed for their operations.  A by- product of Bush’s policy was the  alienation of  local afghan communities against the United States efforts to be seen as a trusted partner in the rebuilding Afghanistan after the war.

Mr. Holbrooke is the Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, his implementation of President Obama’s new policy which ends eradication of crops and replaces it with interdiction of the kingpins of the poppy trade and their business centers where the heroin is processed and sold,

 combined  with-

a new set of agricultural programs to restore Afghanistan to it’s former days of being an agricultural exporter of goods to the region is a  smart solution.  The products Afghanistan’s farmers previously exported included pistachios wine olives and over 80 percent of the worlds raisins.

This new plan has already shown signs of progress in US -Afghan relations, so let us congratulate Mr. Holbrooke and his efforts to repair relations in the region.

Email Mr. Holbrooke and let him know you appreciate his efforts!  (see below) 




Richard Holbrooke

Assumed office 
January 22, 2009  for info on Afghanistan’s agriculture



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4 responses to “Richard Holbrooke’s Assessment Of Bush’s Policy Of Eradication Of Poppy Crops In Afghanistan

  1. even the amounts sprayed are questionable.i worked in helmand and hardly ever saw any spraying.

    the drug mafia grows by leaps and bounds and state actors,US,Pakistani,Afghan are all part of these.

  2. Hi, I agree the US demand is part of the problem but if you can give the farners an alternative maybe they would choose to work more independently than staying connected to the drug trade. As to the millions given to various projects that you mentioned (not seeing much spraying) I think a full review of where the money spent on the war went, in general would be an eye opener for the congress and american people. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. thanks for your feedback.

    for years i have tried to contact so many law enforcement agencies regarding drug trafficking countering strategy with 2005 when i told franz zemz dealing with anti drug spray about drug mafia he got annoyed and stated that drug mafia needs to be left alone !

  4. If you see injustice and have an idea on how to help, as you did in 2005, sometimes just by adding your 2 cents ( even if the response is negative) it may evenyually make a difference in that persons mind. You may feel like you are just one voice- but in reality you may be a part of a river of change!

    Sorry for the delay in responding but I had connectivity issues for the last 5 days!!

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