Iraq and Afghanistan Soldier Decompression Tip # 1

“A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”

The Decompression Tip, meant for soldiers is a new feature of  The Pale Green Mermaid Blog.  

A serious phase to go through… but this will be a light hearted attempt to offer ideas that might help in the transition back to regular life.

So here we go!


Decompression Tip number one,

Create a tape of your favorite songs but choose ones that have a message of moving forward or just a good dance song.


Some suggestions

Bob Marley   “Trenchtown Rock”

Clash  “Rock The Casbah”

Cake   “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”

Cat Stevens ” Peace Train”  or ” On the Road to Find Out”

Tom Tom Club   “Girlfriend is Better”

Linda Ronstadt  “Heat Wave”

Alejandro Escovedo “Chip and Tony”

Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror”



To make a tape  cheap and easy, take CD’s out of Library then tape to cassette for walk around music, because what I want you to do, is get up in the AM, make yourself a mocha- coffee topped with whipped cream (always makes it feel festive), then –

drink –  preferably outside, at break of dawn

then- listen and walk 20- 60 mins

by the time you get home you will be ready for the day!


Chocolate has a chemical in it, that uplifts and makes you fell as though something fun is about to happen.

FROM  “The Effects Of Chocolate On Emotions” by Michael Russell

Chocolate is rich in carbohydrates, which increase the rate with which tryptophan enters the brain. This increases the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates moods, creating a good feeling.

Have a Great Day!


Jasper Johns

Flag, Encaustic, oil and collage on fabric mounted on plywood,1954-55 Iraq Veterans Against The War Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Veterans for Peace

Image from Wikipedia

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