Friday Night Gallery Chat /Conceptual Art And Barbara Kruger’s Messages

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Hey Guys, let us speak of conceptual art tonight, when I was getting my degree in painting /photography Barbara Kruger was all the rage and one of my favorite conceptual photographers.  That was in 1981.  Her work was sparse in color and elements.  It was the simplicity and directness of her statement that attracted me to her work.

Image from wikipedia                            
I Shop, Therefore I Am

Does this image make you laugh or think?  What do you think the purpose of art is?  Can it have more than one meaning?

Night! Happy shopping…



Much of Kruger’s graphic work consists of black-and-white photographs with overlaid captions set in white-on-red Futura Bold Oblique. The phrases included in her work are usually declarative, and make common use of such pronouns as “you”, “I”, “we”, and “they”. The juxtaposition of Kruger’s imagery with text containing criticism of sexism and the circulation of power within cultures is a recurring motif in the work. In The text in her work of the 1980s includes such phrases as “Your comfort is my silence” (1981), “you invest in the divinity of the masterpiece” (1982), and “I shop therefore I am” (1987).

She has said that “I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren’t.”  FROM WIKIPEDIA

Conceptual art is art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns.


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