ECO-LIFE Idea / Birds, Eco-systems And Yards

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Are there birds singing when you wake up?  Even if you have a small patch of green space there should be life in it.  If there is not, you are living in a dying or dead eco-system.

My neighborhood had a cacaphony of birds everytime I woke up, then slowly as neighbors changed ,trees were cut down and I noticed minimal bird singing in the morning.  I realized their habitat was diminishing and the birds were disappearing.

I began to put bird seed out for them and water in the early morning.

Months passed maybe a year and as I walked each morning I noticed that birds were singing again. I began to see a variety of birds in my yard and on my walks- as before.

I believe that the little rest stop that was created for the birds in my yard helped to repopulate the neighborhood.  My walk is 45 -60 mins, so it covers that amount of space.

Some say, do not feed birds they will become dependent on you, but I have seen something different (I had the time to notice patterns because I walk every, am start with the moon and end as the sunrises, and I then read the NY times for 30 mins in my garden)… what I noticed was that there were new birds each season  (parents brought their babies -if you really watch you can see the color difference between say, cardinals) it was a way station… a Starbucks for birds -then they went on their way.

This little way station created a stabelizing  effect in the local bird population, in my humble opinion.

So if you want to hear those birds singing in your neighborhood set up your own local Starbucks for birds- they will come in droves! 


Image from Wikipedia

TIPS. I put out 2 cups of seed per am

sunrise best time, or am to put out

don’t forget water -they love to take baths

I use general wildbird seed

Good Luck!


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