Friday Night Gallery Chat, Ancient Egypt,Tut-The Child King

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Good Evening, Egypt is one of the most bombastic sites for art, their dynasties reined for many centuries and during that time the production of art was tied up with religion daily life and the government.  It was a way of living that all parts of society engaged in  passionately, producing some of the most enduring and distinct images all with a common structure and pathos.

Below is a foto of the pyramids at Giza, no can really say, even to this day, how they were built but the beauty is unquenchably obvious,

The pyramids of Giza are among the most recognizable symbols of the civilization of ancient Egypt.

Below is a typical wall painting- look at how the parts of the body are stylized (made to look similar)

The pharaoh was usually depicted wearing symbols of royalty and power.


And of course Tut, Tutankhamun to you! The find in 1922 of his tomb loaded with the riches meant for his journey in death caused a sensation across the globe called egyptomania. Mummies were sent back to  Europe for mummy parties where they unravelled the corpses  looking for the amulets that were wrapped in the endless folds of linen,

Images from Wikipedia

Tutankhamun coffinette

 Think of ways that you could incorporate art into your daily life as the egyptians did.

Have a fireworks filled weekend!


BJ Halliday Crawley written in heiroglyphs below,

In a Cartouche  (heiroglyphs) (Update: Cartouche image worked last night! Wiil try again but check out site below and get yours!)

Generated at  Check out your own name at

Note: Cartouche – An oblong figure containing royal or divine names.

Stylized – using aartistic forms to create effects not natural.

Egyptomania – Refers to the post pharonic  fascination with ancient Egypt.

Tutankhamun – Egyptian Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty 1333 BC- 1324 BC

 Amulets -Aan object that protects you from trouble.




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