Empowerment Tip For The Week / No- Blues Forum

“A Pale Green Mermaids Blog”


Got the blues or  heading into a serious depression well friends try this:

Make up a tape of your fav songs not just ones you like but ones that make you sing out loud and dance ( or at least attempt to, I speak from experience although I think I do cut a pretty good rug, now umm,…where was I?)

And go for a walk or bike ride in the am, this will set the tone for the day- try it you’ll like it.  And it does work.


Here are a few musical leads ,

My current tape has,

“Needle in a Haystack ”  The Velvettes

“Carmen ”  From  Bizet’s opera

Michael Jcakson reggae mix of  “One more chance “

Levon Helm (Of The Band) ” Only Halfway Home”

Firewater “Borneo”

“La Vie En Rose ” Grace Jones version

Kings of Leon  “Use Somebody”

“Delta Lady”  Leon Russell

“You Got Me Smiling(Again)” Sly and The Family Stone

Peter Gabriel  “In Your Eyes”

“Some Kinda Wonderful” Sam and Dave

 “Thirty One Today” Aimee Mann  

“Rockabilly Silly” Not sure who sings it is a great song

and so on and so forth-it is a long tape!


(Thanks to Tony Robbins for the seed idea for this tip, Thanks Tony)

Don’t worry about the neighbor’s stare when you dance across the church parking lot on your walk, one way to avoid this is  to leave at  5 am, as I do, kinda quiet then!



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