Writer’s Block Studio / Non-Sense Rhymes

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Did you ever get writer’s block?   Or maybe there are simply too many subjects to write about and you can not decide where to start? Well one way to break the jam is to write a non-sense rhyme.

No beginning -no end -and no real point -but it refreshes your brain waves!


I dreamed of an enchilada

made in Ensenada,

when before I knew it,

I began dancing a tango

inside an extremely large mango,

after I left there my foot got stuck

in a pile of emerald muck,

cleaning off my calf,

I was bitten by a yellow spotted giraffe!

looking for a band-aid

I stumbled upon a gorgeous green glade,

and there on a silver platter, sitting as if it DID not matter- was my favorite Enchilada hailing directly from Ensenada.

The End


Happy writing trails!

 Note: Thanks To Dr. Seuss for writing my fav children’s book “Green Eggs And Ham”




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4 responses to “Writer’s Block Studio / Non-Sense Rhymes

  1. severnyproductions

    Well thats one way to deal with writers block. Very entertaining

  2. mdt

    this is like dada,- i`m surching for that in the web. had a short but refreshing stop. ThanX
    june 09

    ps. this is also good stuff… Creativity in the Age of Computer Networks, Christiane Heibach

  3. Thanks! I think it worked we’ll see tonight!

  4. Hello Thanks for stopping by!

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