Random Flash poetic Haiku /”Life Inside A Cell”

“A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”


Flash Poetic Haiku


Life In A CELL


Cell One:  Hello, I just took a breath!

Cell Two:  What did it feel like?

Cell One:   Airy light – my lungs expanded.

Cell Two:  Wow, what happened next ?

Cell One:  I exhaled.

Cell Two:  Thanks for letting me know I just got tweeted, Tommy bought some mustard !

Cell One:   Cool!  I will call you when I get to the Seven Eleven. 

Cell Two:   Alright, but what is Sheila doing ?

Cell One:   I have no idea, she refuses to get a cell and spends all her time working on some novel.

Cell Two: Bye.

Cell One: Bye.



Thanks for reading this Poetic /Haiku/ Koan

Several examples of non-flip mobile phones.         IMAGE from Wikipedia




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