ECO – LIFE IDEA Rain Barrels And Saving Water

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Saving water by using a rain barrel may sound silly, but if worldwide everyone started using rain barrels it would make a huge difference.  Below are two examples taken from “The Old Farmers Almanac”.  If you are not familiar with the Farnmer’s Almanac check out their site ,  , it is chock full of commonsense ideas and advice.


 Rain Barrel News

 It is hard to argue against the merits of a large barrel positioned to catch rainfall, especially from downspouts or gutters, and using it for your plants on dry days. If you have an engineering degree, you can build a cistern. Lacking that, think of ways to save water in large containers that can be covered.

Or, consider these:

 Giving new life to barrels originally designed for importing olives, the Great American Rain Barrel Company sells a polyethylene barrel that collects and stores up to 60 gallons of water. It comes with an overflow fitting, drain plug, screw-on cover, and threaded spigot for a hose positioned 14 inches from ground level. For more water storage, several barrels can be linked together with a garden hose. A diverter allows water to be channeled directly from a downspout into a barrel. For more information, including some on unpainted barrels, contact the Great American Rain Barrel Company, Inc., 1715 Hyde Park Avenue, Hyde Park MA 02136, go to, or call 800-251-2352.

 The Spruce Creek Company creates a 54-gallon rain barrel from a mold reminiscent of an old wooden barrel. Its one-piece construction is formed of durable, nearly 1/4-inch-thick, UV-protected, polyethylene plastic and promises ease of setup, safety for children and pets, reduced evaporation, and insect prevention. It comes with a threaded solid brass spigot, automatic overflow, linkability, and two dispensing levels. Check The Spruce Creek Rainsaver for more details or call 800-940-0187


Earth  Astronomical symbol of Earth
A color image of Earth, as seen from Apollo 17

Famous “Blue Marble” photograph of Earth, taken





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    When finished cleaning just dump all debris out of the canister directly into your compost bin or around your plants as mulch. Again, conserving additional need for potable water.

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