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Serpentine clouds,’ she thought, another flash story was coming out from her fingertips as she tapped on the cracked keyboard, dust fluffed up at each movement.

Serpentine clouds, it was just the mood of the day.  She stopped to goggle serpentine – what did that mean exactly…JB gleaned through the results, goodness gracious, I think I’ll take this one. She clicked the entry. Hmmm… labyrinths – some are shaped and categorized as serpentine, meaning sinuous… well.

“Stars shining above me, dream a little dream of ,” played from her radio as it spit sparks when periodic drops of water hit the casing.

Labyrinths are ancient symbols that relate to wholeness….Labyrinths are found in churches like Chartres cathedral in France! I wonder if Cologne cathedral has one? Thought if I ever got married that would be the place to do it.

She remembered walking the ambulatory, on her last visit, past reliquaries hidden in little alcoves that eked ancient memories, pungent with feelings. As a matter of fact after I left that cathedral I had my first glass of Lambrusco at a local cafe, best glass of bubbly red I ever had…but I digress… so ,

The hidden patterns in the labyrinth walks are referred to as sacred geometry…

Chakras , hindu for wheels of light, seven of those – creating spiraling (serpentine?) vortex’s of energy surrounding our bodies…so it says…rainbow colored, seven stripes in a rainbow she reflected…

now, a listing of the musical notes created by the pattern of the labyrinth in Chartres.

Hmmm, wonder what that sounds like?

Okay – Each jaunt through the labyrinth could be to balance, connect with higher self, opening awareness and the ever popular experiencing energies… That’s enough, got it!

…She shut down the computer grabbed a notebook lying on top of a stack, a pen and walked out into her garden.


The End



Classic taoist Taijitu

 Yin and yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole.


Note: Thanks to www.crystalinks.com for  symbol research.



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