Friday Night Gallery Chat, Pop Art!

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Hey guys,  time for the gallery chat ! this is my happy time, love to talk about art!

Tonight a goofy movement and alot of FUN!  POP art!   It surfaced around the mid-1950’s in England and a few years later in the US.

You could say that it leads to conceptual art as the theory of POP art is more a mental attitude  then something you can decipher by just looking at the canvass.

Mass produced images such as the soup can (from POPular culture) were seen as equal to any piece of fine art.  Andy Warhol is a well recognized Pop artist, below is the iconic image of the Campbells soup can he produced,


Andy Warhol. Campbell’s Soup Can (1968) is one of the most recognized pop art icons.

Image from Wikipedia 

 Andy Warhol  is from Pittsburgh Pa and there is a great museum in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

 . The Andy Warhol Museum, one of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, is located at 117 Sandusky Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is the largest American art museum dedicated to a single artist, holding more than 12,000 works by the artist himself.[ From Wikipedia


 He had a very unusual life (filled with all kinds of art production, Lou Reed’s “Velvet Underground” was associated with him for a period) so if you have time pick up a biography on him.  Nice way to spend a day at the beach!

Here is another image he produced of Marliyn Monroe,


Andy-warhol-marilynImage from Wiki commons


Have a cloud-filled weekend,




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2 responses to “Friday Night Gallery Chat, Pop Art!

  1. severnyproductions

    It certainly has an element of fun. From what i’ve seen over the years there is some brilliant pop art out there but can it match a lot of other movements. Probably not. It has led to conceptual art and in my opinion most conceptual art is complete rubbish .However pop art has inspired my work from time to time. So thumbs up.

  2. You know I was thinking about what you said, about it matching other movements, and think of the marilyn print/painting as a stained glass window in say Chartres cathedral, it seems in power and beauty to match the visual effect of say, the rose stained glass window?

    Thanks for checking over to this blog of mine!

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