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Lawns and how to save money time and the planet!

Mow your lawn 1 to 3 feet around the edge – let the rest of the lawn grow into a

meadow  – before the summer starts mow lawn down, throw wild flower seeds

in the meadow area , then sit back and watch your meadow grow!

Advantages :

Less gas used,      ( moolah! for you)

less pollution from mower,       (Earth! happy)

less noise pollution,        (Peace in your neighborhood!)

Sweet scented flowers mixed with tall grasses make for an inviting front yard!!!



Earth  Astronomical symbol of Earth
A color image of Earth, as seen from Apollo 17

Famous “Blue Marble” photograph of Earth, taken from Aplool 17


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2 responses to “ECO-LIFE IDEA – LAWNS

  1. nobody likes growing wild flowers.

  2. Hello, have you tried cone flowers, wild daisys, ferns and spider worts? It is a great mix and they pull out easy to keep in place and spread quickly! or maybe you are pulling my leg!

    Thanks for stopping in!

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