Clouds Of Disinformation, Fear Mongering, And Threats To The Citizenry By FORMER Vice President Dick Cheney.

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”


Dick Cheney said today that President Barack Obama set up his National security plan with ” little deliberation and no plan…”

Little deliberation and no plan ? where have I heard that before – lets see… the invasion into IRAQ… BINGO!

Little deliberation and no plan? …where have I heard that before… hmmm, the creation of Guantanamo – BINGO!


Need I go on.  Former Vice President Dick Cheney is looking at  an indictment of war crimes against himself specifically, and he is desperately trying rewrite history and avoid prosecution.

That is the core of what this debating is all about.


Decide for yourself  Read  ” How to Break A Terrorist ” by Matthew Alexander A former interrogator in Iraq

 or   look for-  “How to break a terrorist ” interview/article  By Veteran FBI interrogator Jack Cloonan



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