Speaker Pelosi and Torture, Republicans Want To Know: What Did She Know, When Did She Know It…I Say What did Bush Know? And When Did He Know it? Same For Cheney. Let’s Get Real People.

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Senator Patrick Leahy ( Judiciary chairman) wants to set in place a truth commission to find out how, why and if, torture was used as an interrogation method by the Bush Administration.


There are many questions to be answered on both sides, so if you want to know, Mr. Republician  Party, then you should welcome with open arms the implementation of a truth commission about the use of torture during the Bush administration tenure.


As Senator Leahy (of Vermont) said ”  We can’t turn the page (on torture ) unless we first read the page.”

Senator Leahy has also offered former Vice President Cheney an opportunity to testify before congress and prove his statements on how torture has helped the fight against terrorism.


Contact Congress and tell them that you want to find out, who knew what, and when they knew it!



 ( Sounds pretty simple to me)

Notes: www.contactcongress.org




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