Dollar Store Tip!

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This  is a new series of sporadic DOLLAR store tips, Whenever I come across a great product I will pass it along to you, my readers, your there aren’t you?

So here is the first tip ,


Anyone who likes body wash ( I use it just the same for bubble bath)  They are selling a  nifty new brand called, 

Perfect Purity 

18 oz  (which is a good amount, not your puny squeeze bottle that lasts 3 bubble baths-  did I say I LIKE BUBBLES!)

The flavors are Lemon Grass Grapefruit or Pomegranate Mango.  

Ooooo la la and the wash keeps it’s bubbles not like some brands where you toss it in the tub, leave  to let the tub fill up and by the time you return your back to plain old unexciting water!

So to recap 18 oz, great scents, bubbles everywhere aaaaaaand one, uno, single DOLLAR!   

Have a great Monday! 

You can buy online  but it is more fun to look around! Dollar Tree seems to have taken over many of the smaller chains but if there is no Dollar Tree near you just stop by the local one!



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