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Let’s talk about movements in art.  What are they?   ( we will deal with Western Art for the time being )

The most well known is Impressionism, you know van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Cezanne, Degas – lotsa color, lotsa light.  Basically it happens when a bunch of artists get together and decide they have had enough of the prevailing methods, attitudes and rules that are accepted by the hierarchy of  the current art world and begin to make art that they like, and believe better reflects the current experience of life.  


Let’s look at the art that was made before Impressionism,

Bonaparte Crossing the Alps











 Hippolyte Delaroche,  1850 

Now a sample Impresssionistic painting,

Edgar Degas, Dancers at The Bar, 1877



The identifying feature of their work was an attempt to record a scene accurately and objectively, capturing the transient effects of light on colour and texture. To this end they abandoned the traditional muted browns, grays, and greens in favour of a lighter, more brilliant palette; stopped using grays and blacks for shadows; built up forms out of discrete flecks and dabs of colour; and often painted out of doors, rather than in the studio. They abandoned traditional formal compositions in favour of a more casual and less contrived disposition of objects within the picture frame, and their subject matter included landscapes, trees, houses, and even urban street scenes and railroad stations. After the French Academy’s Salon consistently rejected most of their works, they held their own exhibition in 1874; seven others followed. A critic described them derisively as “impressionists,” and they adopted the name as an accurate description of their intent. Before dissolving in the late 1880s, the group had revolutionized Western painting. See also Post-Impressionism; Salon des Indépendants   From

So now you know what an art movement is.  Go start one!


BJHC   Have an oddball weekend!  Do something funky!


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