Dashiell Hammett Appreciation Friday Night Slam

“A Pale Green Mermaid With Iridescent Scales Blog


     It shook, but held.  We hit it again.  Wood

we couldn’t  see tore.


     The door popped away from us.  We went

through – down a flight of steps – rolling,

snowballing down – until a cement floor

stopped us.

     Pat came back to life first.

     “You’re a hell of an acrobat,” he said.

“Get off my neck!”

     I stood up.  He stood up.  We seemed to be

dividing the evening between falling on the

floor and getting up from the floor.


-Dashiell Hammett, “The Scorched Face”


Please leave any favorite hardboiled detective lines in the comments section!

Have a good evening.



Wacky Week, “Micro Moo” Tale Tomorrow!




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2 responses to “Dashiell Hammett Appreciation Friday Night Slam

  1. How about Robert Crais?

  2. Hey, Had to look him up! He did Cagney and Lacey and Hillstreet Blues – love those shows, also reminds me of the Rockford Files TV show- Jim Rockford was such a neat stumble down and get up again character.

    Do you have a section you like from one of his books?

    From Wiki- “Winter downpour; Even the monkey needs a raincoat.”

    —Basho, The Monkey’s Raincoat Title of 1987 novel derives from a Haiku! by Japanese poet Matsuo Basho
    See ya

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