Friday Night Flash Story Slam


Tonight a Flash Story Slam,

 listen…I have a story to tell…  


Laughing Out Loud (Weary Angels Carousel)


 Zena walked from the hot sand and hopped briskly onto the spinning carousel almost grabbing the brass ring. It was flashing purple, green and silver lights, but held no children screaming with glee, in fact no one was riding at all. Still, she enjoyed watching it creak up to speed and turn so fast that it lifted off the ground, for seconds at a time.

Onboard cleverly carved horses. crocodiles, tigers, hippos and seven mermaids their tails embedded with semi-precious stones kept their places. It was the last of its kind she thought pushing the engine harder. The red ribbons tied on the entry handles snapped in the breeze. Round and round and round it went, she wished, in her heart, it would never stop. All she had to do was slow the gears, and step off to end it.

The smell of hot dogs slathered with relish and mustard, salty sea air and sweet blue cotton candy wafted over her shoulders enveloping her in a caress of memories.

The carousel was bought and sold, lock – stock – and barrel, something so primal, so intrinsic to her, like breathing had been sold-out. For cold , hard cash. The romance, the friendship and fun of the experience all forgotten – sucked dry of meaning.

Zena built the carousel with her own tools thirty four years ago, painstakingly carving each figure and carefully painting every feather, scale and eye using the purest pigments. Her partner, never understanding the true meaning of what this work of art was emblematic of, exploited her, tricked her and sold the enterprise to the highest bidder . She infused her spirit into it, her heart and soul – he looked for ways to profit, to feed his ego, his need for power. Greed in its clearest form.

“The opposite of true blue love.” She thought.

Well if this was to be the last ride for her treasured carousel it would not be her who shut off the power – let him cast the final blow. She adjusted her dusty green bathing suit and slipped on her Baja peach flip flops then braced her body against the the hippo that enclosed the gear shifter. She jammed the merry–go–round power stick pulling it forward until the top broke off in her hand, she tossed it into the sky. The spinning roared its approval.

Moving carefully to the next animal she leaned herself against the sleek figures taking solace in their beauty. She ran her hands over the textures of the soft painted wood. Dusk was falling as she gingerly made her way to the edge of the carousel when she looked back the figures seem to come alive – eyes gleamed and when she touched the tiger she swore she could feel the fur. It’s the dizziness, she was feeling in her head she convinced herself. All she could see was a blur of colors.

Jumping off, her body was thrown up into the sky disappearing into the stars she felt like she was flying. Her spirit drifted up.

Abruptly her feet hit the warm wet sand beneath the surf. She fell back. Her hands digging deep into the sand felt something cool she opened her palm and there was the golden ring flowing white ribbons over her wrist. The corner of her eyes caught the moon as it rose over the breaking waves. She looked back at the carousel.


It was dark and silent lying tilted on the boardwalk. The glow of the moon warmed her cheek. She glanced up and watched as nine horses, three tigers, two hippos, five crocodiles, and seven mermaids with jewel encrusted tails danced beyond the horizon.

Zena smiled then laughed out loud.



The End



Please feel free to answer the challenge!   and submit a flash story (between 200- 2000 words) 

you can submit your work in the comments section or email to

Have a colorful weekend!   BJHC



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