Pentagon’s – Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Weapons Over Soldiers – Reviewed By Defense Secretary Gates

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be restructuring the Pentagon’s budget with a focus on the men and women in the armed services not on the production of ever more sophisticated weapons systems with whom we will have no one to fight and that frequently fail to perform properly in tests.  Secretary Gates should be congratulated for his exemplary approach to reviewing the money pit known as the Pentagon.  

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Gates said Defense had three main objectives: take care of troops; rebalance programs to adequately support the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and reform how the services buy weapons.

Among the most far-reaching changes he recommended were reducing the number of support service contractors from the current level of 39 percent of the workforce to the pre-2001 level of 26 percent and replacing them with full-time government employees.

“Our goal is to hire as many as 13,000 new civil servants in 2010 to replace contractors and up to 30,000 new civil servants in place of contractors over the next five years,” Gates said.       By Katherine McIntire Peters

Our fellow citizens, the troops should always come first when the budget is being  prepared.  No weapons system can fly itself and no computer will ultimately be able to make the decisions that are needed in both peace time and war.




Note:   For additional information on new budget  read  ” Pentagon To Hire Thousands Of Employees, Cut Contractors”  Article see

(Tomorrow we will show you how big the pentagon’s budget is in relation to the rest of the government’s expenses.  BJHC)



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4 responses to “Pentagon’s – Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Weapons Over Soldiers – Reviewed By Defense Secretary Gates

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  3. TSO

    No doubt then you can explain why the raise to service members contained in this years defense budget is lower than it was in any of the preceeding years? I mean, what with the renewed focus being on the troops and all, wouldn’t one expect a raise greater than what was given when the troops were NOT a priority?

  4. Hello, Thanks for checking the site out. I wasn’t aware of that, but when there was a decision to change service members health coverage, I believe it was saying that if a spouse had coverage then the service member would be covered no longer by the VA. There was an uproar including on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart who mentioned it, and President Obama changed the poliucy. So if we contact them concerning this issue of lower service pay I think there is a chance they will respond favorably.
    I will look into the issue and do a post next week, thanks! ( Remember the budget is not set in stone, the process is just beginning)

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