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500 Million Lost In Yemen By Military – What Could It Have Bought?

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

That is  500 packets each consisting of of 100 million dollars


 Below From Daily Kos -

Thu Mar 19, 2015 at 08:06 AM PDT
The Pentagon Admits It May Have Lost $500 Million in U.S. Weaponry To Al-Qaeda
by DartagnanFollow

The Pentagon is unable to account for more than $500 million in U.S. military aid given to Yemen, amid fears that the weaponry, aircraft and equipment is at risk of being seized by Iranian-backed rebels or al-Qaeda, according to U.S. officials.

The tragicomedy of the apparent loss of these weapons has shined a light on our counterterrorism policy in now-collapsing Yemen, a subject few in our media care about, judging from the lack of coverage compared to, for example, burning questions about Hillary Clinton’s email server.  Our supposedly representative Congress held “closed-door” meetings with DOD officials last week, asking the Pentagon to account for all of this hardware. The Pentagon brass essentially shrugged its shoulders:

“We have to assume it’s completely compromised and gone,” said a legislative aide on Capitol Hill who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.


Here’s what’s gone missing in Yemen, presumed lost and irretrievable:

• 1,250,000 rounds of ammunition
• 200 Glock 9 mm pistols
• 200 M-4 rifles
• 4 Huey II helicopters
• 2 Cessna 208 transport and surveillance aircraft
• 2 coastal patrol boats
• 1 CN-235 transport and surveillance aircraft
• 4 hand-launched Raven drones
• 160 Humvees
• 250 suits of body armor
• 300 sets of night-vision goggles


Al Qaeda overran a government military base last month with little difficulty, it’s also at least even money that some of the weaponry has gone straight to Al Qaeda (The Al Qaeda branch in Yemen has been described as constituting the greatest potential threat for attacks on U.S. soil).


Republicans salivating to make this a political issue, however, may want to think twice. An October 2007 accounting from the DOD Inspector General’s office estimated 500,000 weapons went missing in Iraq.  Auditors were unable to determine whether those weapons remained with Iraqi units or fell into the hands of the insurgency.  In 2004, 380 tons of high-grade explosives disappeared from a facility supposedly under American control. Multitudinous examples of mammoth fraud, waste and abuse abound stemming from the failed Iraq venture, a fact that has  quietly spiralled down the media memory hole.  It would appear that the last thing the GOP would want is to rehash the colossal sums of taxpayer money  squandered in the failed war on Iraq, instituted by Jeb Bush’s brother. And of course, the bottom line is that no Congressman wants to offend the military and risk turning off the spigot of lucrative, voter-friendly defense contracts in his/her district.  


Who is funding the gangs in the middle east? We are.  It is time to cut the military budget by half, then the money left will be well, spent no extra to toss around willey-nilley.

Imagine if the defense contracts for weapons were turned into

solar contracts

road infrastructure contracts

and a jobs program for each state.

Think about it and write to congress with your thoughts concerning this issue!!


Pope to traffickers, arms manufacturers: God’s judgment will …
Pope Francis denounced those responsible for human trafficking, slave labor and arms manufacturing, saying people producing weapons of war are “merchants of death.”




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DVD Rec For Tiger Woods!!

Tiger Woods is a fab fellow, he made mistakes and now I wait for the comeback – the core of american folkeloris philosophy  ” the come back kid !”  no matter what,

the underdog is king in this grand old USA and we look towards the day that Tiger gets his SWING back!

Uno rec-

The Doorbell Rang – Tim Hutton and crisp cool suits galore, oooLaLa


Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin with their client take on the FBI!  Will they win?? Take a look. ( personal choice best scene? The glass of milk scene – see if you can find it)


Chariots Of Fire – It has the music, the running, the heart and spirit needed to inspire, the desire …..in everyone…..to strive, for?  You decide!!!






I love both these films, on a down day or an up day watch and remember anything is possible…..and the world is beautifully elegant, all you need to do is look …..to find it.

-Heads back, now RUN and….. it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that SWING!

Archie Goodwin (Timothy Hutton) Nero Wolfe (Maury Chaykin) Nero Wolfe ...



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Green Tip of The day


Plastic is nastic to the planet why a island the size of Texas sits in the oceans made of PLASTIC!


So to lessen the need take one bottle with cap of your fav drink pref. glass and put 1/2 of a lime in it (cut into 4ths and squeeze then drop rind in also(to be authentic) then place 2 teaspoons or more in the bottle, let set 1 minute ( to macerate) fill with water and rumba around the kitchen till dissolved -take as long as you like!!!

put the cap on and into the frig it goes.  repeat as needed – and you will be doing your part to lessen the Isle of plastic!!! and getting healthier did you know some drinks have 18 teaspoons of sugar in them, and the Vit c direct from the lime absorbs so divine-ly into your system – Your skin will glow!!!

Try it! Vit C direct from fruit is the best skin beautifier, so say I.

Then if you really want to carry the recyclable theory to its natural end , you can take the rind out of the finished drink and put in your garden or compost pile!

Wonderful !and have a wonderful green day!!



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The People Of Israel And Palestine Will Bring Peace To Their Land


” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Netanyahu must make amends with Israel’s Arab citizens, Herzog says

Herzog gave his first interview to the Israeli press since his election defeat, telling Channel 2 on Saturday that he has no intention of seeking a place in Netanyahu’s coalition.

“I’m not negotiating,” Herzog said. “We will wage a struggle [against the government] from the opposition. I say this as clearly as I can. We will serve as an alternative to Netanyahu. I will head the opposition against him.”

When asked about the stunning result which gave Netanyahu a resounding victory even though exit polls on Tuesday indicated a tie in the number of Knesset seats, Herzog told Channel 2: “Early on in the campaign, I was convinced we would win.”

“Three days before the election, I still believed it,” he said. “In the two-and-a-half days, Netanyahu reinvented himself. He stooped to resorting to lies, incitement, and racism. It burst out into the fore like a vein that exploded. There is a very deep layer of fearmongering and incitement at play.”




Americans for Peace Now

Founded to help Shalom Achshav, its Israeli counterpart, pursue a lasting and equitable peace in the Middle East.


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Happy Spirituality Day ! Sunday – the day of SUN!!!!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


Buddah Allah Jesus ! 3 prophets 3 seekers!!! 3 voices for peace- for at the core of all religions/spirituality is compassion which in a global context…. coming to it’s natural conclusion, is

World peace.


Song for a Sunday

Get Away Jordon 


Dixie Hummingbirds (Philly’s own!!!) 1952 recording , a bluesy swinging rendition -you will dance and sing!!!

The Dixie Hummingbirds – Get Away Jordan Lyrics

The Dixie Hummingbirds Get Away Jordan lyrics: Submit LyricsYour name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. close. Home Browse Login . Follow; Fans; Albums; Lyrics; Get New Video Tweets …

See WRTI 90.9 radio station for further spiritual licks and spins!




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It is True! Animals Do Suspend Themselves In Mid-air Just as They Do In Cartoons!!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

So I was sitting sipping an am java after providing the early bird catches the worm special ie steamy hot water and mounds of bird seed,. when….what to my wondering eyes should appear– but 2, dos squirrels chasing one another as they do when happy as clams rolling around on a full stomach, and as one squirrely squirrel snuck up upon the other —-  up— flew the surprised squirrel and he hung, albeit, briefly  in mid-air!!!  Suspended in time and space. Why, he looked as surprised as me— then he fell to the ground and the usual chases were on-

So it is empirically true,  wiley coyote and tweety bird’s antics  have been proven-scientifically to be fact…

abaababa, That’s all folkes!


Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner
  • Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner are a duo of characters from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. In the cartoons, Coyote repeatedly attempts to catch and subsequently eat the Road …
  • en.wikipedia.org
  • See all images
    • Tweety is an animated fictional yellow canary in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated cartoons. The name “Tweety” is a play on words, as it originally meant “sweetie”…
    • en.wikipedia.org



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What if?

” A Pa;e Green Mermaid Blog “

What if Isaac Herzog wins the Israeli election AND John Kerry seals the Iranian peace deal??

It will mean the tide has finally turned to peace….. instead of war !!!

A Pale Green Mermaid Prediction-

It will happen!!!





Zionist Union's Isaac Herzog and Likud's Benjamin Netanyahu

Neck and Neck || Herzog says exit poll results will bring Labor back into power B

By Haaretz | 12:25 AM | 35



Americans For Peace Now



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