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Take me out to the ball game -take me out to the crowd!!!

I love the Phillies baseball team they have heart and are so much fun !! Win or lose it is one of the best ways to spend your time  so

root root root for the home team (Phillies)


Cause its one !

two !

three ! strikes your out,  in the old ball game!!!

GAME A structured form of play

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks , I don’t care if I ever go back…!!


And remember, it is not if you win or lose… but how you play the game.


All-Time Top 24 Players

  • Please note that players may not be in the uniform of the correct team in these images.
Photo of Mike SchmidtPhoto of Robin RobertsPhoto of Steve CarltonPhoto of Chase UtleyPhoto of Pete AlexanderPhoto of Ed DelahantyPhoto of Richie AshburnPhoto of Sherry MageePhoto of Bobby AbreuPhoto of Jimmy RollinsPhoto of Cole HamelsPhoto of Johnny CallisonPhoto of Roy ThomasPhoto of Billy HamiltonPhoto of Curt SchillingPhoto of Dick AllenPhoto of Chuck KleinPhoto of Del EnnisPhoto of Charlie FergusonPhoto of Gavvy CravathPhoto of Sam ThompsonPhoto of Jim BunningPhoto of Cy WilliamsPhoto of Chris Short

Franchise History

Philadelphia Phillies Team History & Encyclopedia | Baseball …

Philadelphia Phillies Team History & Encyclopedia. Team Names: Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Quakers Seasons: 137 (1883 to 2019) Record: 9754-10925, .472 W-L%


Peace Have a great week!!



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Love Always, Nick…. as we said Till we meet again, to Mr. Foles …up pops Mr. Harper !

There is magic in the Philly sports scene and the players it attracts.  Nick Foles set the bar high as to the quality of  fun and excellence needed to be a player in the this city of brotherly love and home of the declaration of independence — and now Brice Harper carries on the Foles  legacy of providing daring feats mixed with laughs.

Welcome Brice—- now PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We are watching Nick! Good Luck!!

10 bold offseason predictions that would change the ...
Image result for phila wikipedia statue foles and pederson
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Super Bowl LII
Super Bowl LII logo.svg


US Bank Stadium - West Facade.jpg








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Jaguars Or Giants – Foles On The Move

Personally I think it would be fun for everyone if Mr. Nick Foles EAGLES would get a chance to play for the NY Giants! Think of the adventure of watching Wentz EAGLES and Foles try to checkmate each other in their sport of choice.  The naysayers say they do not want them to face each other in a do or die fight to see who gets to the super bowl first…

but I see a gleam in both their eyes that says ” Think so? watch this!”


It is time to throw the gauntlet down  and begin the games– two great competitors who respect one another, like to have fun, are in their prime  and will shake hands at the end…. no matter who wins, knowing that they will meet again further down the road…


I cannot wait, throw in Patrick Mahomes KANSAS CITY CHIEFS and watch the sparks football fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Football is about fun and so is life.

Peace, Tell a joke today!






PGM Gazette

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It Takes Two Baby , It Takes Two Baby Wentz and Foles -It, Just Takes Two !

Woodward and Bernstein – Solo and Skywalker – Batman and Robin-  Dynamic duos !

Yin and Yang –the Eagles are a team where duos work together to create something unique something  bigger than themselves,

Jenkins and Mills –

Kelce and Sproles

Ertsz and The Flying Hawaiian

the duos are endless –Foot ball is a team game and The Eagles exemplify that aspect which produces a lot of fun and surprises—( coaches and staff Fab!)

So if you want to go on another roller coaster– watch this Sunday as they hit the field again !!

Play ball!

Sun Dec 30 4:25 pm

Nick Foles


Ode to Foles–

The way you throw your snaps

the way you philly philly our foe

the way you take a hit ( and rise from the dead)

they can’t take that away from you….

Oh no, they can’t take that away from… us…. (Philly fans)



GOOD LUCK Guys, one and all!!!







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The Eagles Are Popular Worldwide!

I was looking at my stats- such as they are- and the post about the Eagles was viewed by the Middle East South America Canada Greece and  Sweden! Quite a sweep for the local boys…so last night they put on  a fab show and won over the Redskins —Especially fun to watch was Kelce Wentz Sproles  Ertz oh- all of them, !!

it is too hard to keep track of who is who!

They should have players cards so novices like me can keep track of what is going on.

I still have hopes for a Super Bowl between The Eagles and Chiefs – Fun Fun Fun.

Carson Wentz is doing a wonderful job but the Eagles always win as a team and I feel that fire of team friendships finally burning– next up the Cow Boys — Looking forward to a East coast West coast blow out rivalry with a lot of hilarious trash talk—( I never heard of trash talk in sports, but it is an integral aspect of the extension of FUN!!!)

SEE Howard Eskin the king of Philly Trash talk mixed with lotsa football info … 94 WIP FM FAB station if you like to laugh…


Howard Eskin | Never had a bad day in my life

About. Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Howard Eskin is a local sports icon who sparked the sports talk revolution in Philadelphia, then parlayed that success into a multi-media career that includes both local and national TV and radio.

As  Sheldon said when confronted with negatory comments about his crew’s robot and a proposed duel to the death with a fellow scientist’s robot   in the big bang theory


Check it out Season 2 The Robot Killer Instability…

Below from Wikiquote


The Big Bang Theory (season 2) – WikiquoteYour browser indicates if you’ve visited this link

Sheldon: [trash talking to Barry Kripke] Kripke. Your robot is inferior and it will be defeated by ours because ours exceeds yours in both design and execution. Your robot is inferior and it will be defeated by ours because ours exceeds yours in both design and execution.

The Killer Robot Instability [2.12][edit]

Sheldon: [trash talking to Barry Kripke] Kripke. Your robot is inferior and it will be defeated by ours because ours exceeds yours in both design and execution. Also, I’m given to understand that your mother is overweight.
Raj: Oh, snap.
Sheldon: Now of course if that is a result of a glandular condition and not sloth and gluttony, I withdraw that comment.
Raj: What difference does it make, fat is fat!
Sheldon: There are boundaries!

Leonard: Barry, we can’t fight you tomorrow. Our engineer is incapacitated.
Barry Kripke: What’s wwong with him?
Raj: He’s depressed, because he’s pathetic and creepy and can’t get girls.
Barry: We’we aww pathetic and cweepy and can’t get giwws. That’s why we fight wobots. If you’we not thewe, you’ww be exposed to widicule.
Raj: [addressing Barry’s rhotacism] I’m curious, what part of America is that accent from?



Nfl Washington Redskins At Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles running back Darren Sproles (43) celebrates his touchdown with teammates.(Photo: Eric Hartline, USA TODAY Sports)




Pale Green Mermaid


= ===



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Come on Guys… The eagles are still great—it’s only a game!!

So the eagles weren’t on their best game Sunday against the Cowboys,

I think that they are recovering from their Superbowl win !!! It is very disconcerting to win after being the underdog for so long, now they are the topdog!!!

And it takes some getting use to plus the team is a new team —What happened to the train?  He was fun to



LeGarrette Blount
LeGarrette Blount

Blount in 2017

Pics via wikipedia


As in life, big changes take time to settle in one’s psyche –so far as the Booing goes –I think if you had to do it =at the end would be better…  it takes the wind out of you to be booed=== cut the guys a break !!!!


But never fear, I believe that the Eagles will win the division and even have a chance at the superbowl… but it is going to be a knock out drag down fight !! So prepare yourselves and bring on the cocktails!!


My fave is The GREEN MACHINE from Bluebird Distilling in Phoenixville

Basically it is shot gin, English-( 1/4 cup) cucumber juice- sugar ie simple syrup and lime juice-to taste then  shake and strain over ice

eat with Philly sushi rolls – cheese steaks- and Philly pretzels with mucho dip-pos!!!


So stop booing and start cooking and cocktailing -cheers to the eagles team and coaching guys we still love you!!


The trophy presentation after the game.


Charles Philip Bednarik (May 1, 1925 – March 21, 2015), nicknamed Concrete Charlie, was a professional American football player, known as one of the most devastating tacklers in the history of football and the last full-time two-way player in the National Football League (NFL). A Slovak American from the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, Bednarik played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1949 through 1962 and, upon retirement, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1967, his first year of eligibility.
Philly still has the most interesting team in the league!!






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Why The Eagles are So Good

They have great outfits ! they are always clean and starched or somethin,g I notice other teams and their outfits are loose and not so clean… ?

They have fun, they dance a lot, after all it is only a game…

they are smart, they use more brain plays than brawn, honestly the game is quite mathematical in it’s moves and diagrams and artfully creative since the players have to think on their feet and ad-lib, a true skill that artists need

they are balletic in their moves and athletic meanderings over the field- they have that dancers arc of movement where the bodies actions flow one into the other

and most of all they have heart a Philly heart, the toughest and truest


So check them out a game is coming up —

I think a great super bowl match for this year, although there are many fab teams this year,

would be Kansas city  chiefs against the Philly Eagles— mentor Andy Reid against mentee Doug Pederson — Carson Wentz/ Nick Foles against Patrick Mahome, and all the great players on each team…

That would be a FUN Game, so we shall see..

Peace, Have a great !!! Night

A Pale Green Mermaid Gazette

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