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Make Your Own Candy!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


condensed milk

confectioners sugar


add shredded or peanut butter or??

roll until semi hard shape you want apperas -(tip small amt of milk a lot of conf sugar)

then melt a candy bar in a double boiler and roll candy centers in it quickl, place on wax paper

viola chocolate covered candy –make some for your valentine this year !

Recipe Via  John J. Crawley Chef extraordinare!!


Recipe is open which allows you to experiment!!


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Bob Woodward Speaks out On Intel Document

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

“That is a garbage document. It never …

Bob Woodward

And yet… the so called Intellignece community backed it.
 We need new people to run those 3 agencies.  FBI CIA NSA and anyone who was involved in torture in those organizations should be asked to resign.
A retired general who served in Iraq, Bosnia and Somalia told Newsmax TV on Thursday that any … but a very long term serious loss to national security

Paul Eaton

After weeks of torture … and now the FBI director, was involved in the approval, records show. He has declined to comment on the Senate report. “Janat Gul …
answered the senators’ questions about both his record standing up to the use of …

Robert Upshur “Bob” Woodward (born March 26, 1943) is an American investigative journalist and non-fiction author. He has worked for The Washington Post since 1971 as a reporter and is now an associate editor of the Post.

While a young reporter for The Washington Post in 1972, Woodward was teamed up with Carl Bernstein; the two did much of the original news reporting on the Watergate scandal. These scandals led to numerous government investigations and the eventual resignation of President Richard Nixon.

The work of Woodward and Bernstein was called “maybe the single greatest reporting effort of all time” by longtime journalism figure Gene Roberts.[1]

Via Wikipedia





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Drones/ Robots Should Be Banned From The Skies World Wide

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

The problem is not Trump the problem is a Military Industrial/ Surveillance/ Drone/ wWar complex that feeds off the US economy.

When Obama came into office Syria, Libya, Yemen were peaceful.  The US weapons manufacturing industry / beast needs to be fed with constant orders for bombs equiptment.  The last sec. of defense spent most of his time selling packages for military equiptment to countries all over the world.

Take a look at tour potholes your schools your veterans etc too large a section of  the US budget is going towards perpetual war – DRONES and DATA centers are costing trillions of dollars that perpetuate the muth that haystack curveillance i102_5220s the answer to terrorism. It is not ,you have to follow the needles- but that is not profitable.


Support Trump in his efforts to slim down the intel community that has grown to a cancer on our democracy.


PEACE write talk call vote!!!

And remember when the Snowden release of documents started there was a CIA operative who posted on the internet along with a threat against Snowden ” No matter who is in the chair were in charge.”


“Let that Ragah drop,- Shariff he don’t like it, rock the casbah, drop your bombs between the minarets…soon as shariff was out of their hair, they sang  ROCK The CASBAH…







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Citrus Java

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


Take an oranges scrape skin off -about a eteaspoon

put in mug 2 teasp sugar

1 cup coffee

1/2 cup milk


top with whipped cream that has been mixed with line shavings and dust with sugar




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Time For FBI Director To Resign

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Pertinent DVD to watch- Democracy in action Bubble up style, which is the only true democracy.
It tells the story of another time when the FBI got to big for it’s britches!
Nero Wolfe Mystery (A&E Series) Missing Minutes
Chaykin, Maury, 2010 Memories
Memories > 2010 > Maury Chaykin, 61
Nero Wolfe and his chef Fritz having a difference of opinion. (Love ...
 Sometimes citizens have to take natters into their own hands…

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Stop Building Robots That Are To Be Used To Replace Jobs People Want To Do Or That Attack Humans

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

The robots are coming the robots are coming!  Only if humans continue to put funding into Robots that will compete with humans for jobs and that will kill  for the militray.

It is unethical.  Robots should be created to assist humans not compete or kill them or torture them.

Write to your representative about this use of DARPA funds.


Then why create them in the first place? It is immoral and a waste of  money.  What we need are a team of robots that can go and create peace negotiatins across the world.



In 2016 The pentagon

LOST 6 TRILLION dollars–

Why are there no hearings on that?? If they found that 6 trillion it could be used to balance the US budget!

Ask why. Write congess.!!









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Trump And Sanders Have 2 things In Common- They Want The System To Work And They Want American’s Lives To Get Better

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

4 issues Trump And Bernie agree on

1 .Fixing the trade bills to help americans not corporations

2 . Bringing prices down  by bidding for prescriptions drugs

3. Stop the endless interventions in other countries / create peace negotions- deals instead

4. reign in the US intel organizations


If those 4 things get done in fitrst 100 days American’s lives will be better!!


So far as the rumours the press presents as issues- ignore them – ex. at the recent press conference the biggest statement as Max Keiser of the Keiser Report on RT pointed out, was  Trump taking on Big pharma  to reduce prices of their products.

Most of the yelling was on the presse’s part and it was neither informative or necessary.


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders extended …

Max Keiser

Max Keiser

Timothy Maxwell “Max” Keiser is an American broadcaster and film maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on Ru…

Host of RT’s The Keiser Report and financial analyst Max Keiser shares his …

Max Keiser


Toby Keith will play at Trump‘s inaugural …

President elect


All I can say about RTAmerica  news is watch it for yourself! I watch RT America, France 24, Japan’s NGK, Fox news, CBS. NBC -These days you can learn more on news stations from other countries talking about America then on US news stations –so be a global news watcher! Most all the stations are on Free TV!





  • 1 MIN


Dec 14, 2015 · 2035: Retired Obama and John Kerry are still upset at US President Snowden & RT propaganda bullhorn Russia Insider.






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